You might not know it from the archive, but I’ve been keeping a backlog of ideas in outline form for blog posts. I value blogging as a form self promotion and see a well populated post history as a sign of an individual worth paying attention to.

I recently noticed that I seem to expect a certain amount of information in a blog post. Too much and I tune out, too little and I wonder why it wasn’t a tweet. I seem to like about five paragraphs of content and two or three emphasized phrases.

Great! That tells me that my favorite ideas are two bullet points long. I can now look at my outlines with a bit more scrutiny and separate the wheat from the chaff. I find that most of my outlines are sprawling beasts. The outline themselves can lose my attention upon further review.

But most importantly, this opens the door for even shorter thoughts to become worthy of transcription. This post? It came from a single observation about my own taste.

Who knew something so small could be so satisfying?