I’ve been playing this exquisite puzzle game for the last week since it popped up on Metafilter. The goal is to expand all seed blocks by touching them to flower blocks of the same color. When a block expands, it fills the space of two blocks by growing a flower of its own, which can in turn expand other puzzles. There’s also gravity which drops unsupported blocks and inert blocks of various sizes creating obstructions and platforms. It bears some resemblance to sliding block puzzles, but is still quite unique.

What I find fantastic about it is the fact that solutions often involve sub-goals. It’s incredibly satisfying to look at a puzzle, identify key requirements, and play in the game space with the goal of satisfying those requirements. This is a refreshing change from standard sliding block puzzles, where my attempts to solve them always seem to devolve into random shuffling.

Linked in the forum page is a Windows executable, which “just worked” for me in Wine on Ubuntu. Enjoy! http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=21723.0