(note: video does not contain audio)

This project was an experiment in extending a familiar game with new topologies.

The project began with an accurate cloning of Ms. Pac-Man, including ghost AI. I then extended it with a distorted playing field, using the Droste effect popularized by M.C. Escher. Finally, I implemented chaining multiple screens together in series, creating gameplay not possible in the original.

As a technical experiment or a porting exercise, I would consider this a success. However, as a game, I hardly find this game more fun than the original. The spinning effect required to keep your avatar at a constant size can be accounted for, but leaves the player dizzy. Your sense of danger is also tricked by the coiled design. As a ghost passes near your location in the parallel level, one can’t help but be alarmed.

Still a work in progress, there are plenty of bugs to work out.

Thanks to Jos Leys for a great primer on the math, and Spencer R. Ouren & Don Williams for their extensive breakdown of the original Ms. Pac-Man.